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Welcome to Eifel Baptist Church at Spangdahlem AB, Germany. Please allow me to
share with you a little about who we are and what we believe.

We are an Independent Baptist church, governing all that we do by the Word of
God. Our ministry is for the military and their families who are serving their
country overseas in the Eifel region and any other English speaking people who
would like to worship God with us. We are endeavoring through the power of the
Holy Spirit to be…
A Living Church – alive with the Holy Spirit in the hearts of Born Again
A Loving Church – obeying our Lord’s command to love one another
A Laboring Church – realizing that service for our Lord is the normal outflow
of salvation
A Learning Church – striving to teach God’s Words and principles to every age
A Loyal Church – not moved by every new wind of doctrine or whim of men, but
standing firm on the Word of God.
A Looking Church – looking for that Blessed Hope of our Lord’s soon
return-Titus 2:13

We are here to serve you. If we can be of help to you in any way, please feel
free to call upon us at any time.

In His Service,
Pastor Rusty Pilalas